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Our submission for the LD 39, with theme "Running Out of Power".

Tonight, as every night, you’re chilling playing your favorite game, Radioactive Zompile 3.

Look at your screen. Look at your PC. Back to your screen, back to your PC. Sadly, your PC is dead.

Look down, back up. Where are you? you’re installing RZ3 on your twenty years old computer, Betty. Oh would you look at that gorgeous 133MHz proc!

What’s on your screen? I have it, a BSOD. Betty sadly isn’t powerful enough to run Radioactive Zompile 3.

Close your eyes, open them again. You’re using Betty’s command prompt to shut down tasks from the game. Anything is possible when you smell that good.

Look at your command prompt. Back to your game, you’re jumping at low gravity.

What’s before you? A dog. Which color is your dog? It’s a green dog.

You beat the game.

I’m on a horse.


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